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Under Angel’s Wings Recovery's mission is to provide professional and dedicated services that build hope, healing and renewal for those impacted with substance use disorders and mental health. Through a hands-on, integrated approach, Under Angel’s Wings Recovery seek to heal patients physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, including the family dynamics with creating resiliency and strength in the future. 

Treatment Services

Under Angels Wings offers several options when it comes to finding the right treatment modality.

Welcoming Facility

Our goal is to give patients a safe place where they can heal in comfort. Come see our brand new, state-of-the-art clinic in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Stop by anytime!

Experienced Professionals. 

Our staff is equipped with the knowledge, education and experience needed to help those battling substance use disorder and give them the care that they need. 

Waiting Room

Our Philosophy

We believe all people are capable of change and we are firmly dedicated to assisting individuals and families in recovering from the ravages of substance abuse, restoring quality of life, and obtaining enduring sobriety.



Outpatient Treatment Services

Services for Significant Others

Under Angel's Wings Recovery offers different levels of outpatient care, to ensure that you find the right treatment to best suit you or your loved one. 

By shifting the focus away from the individual, family therapy can be a healing form of therapy that is less overwhelming than one-on-one therapy.

Specialized Services

Substance use disorders affects more than just one person, it effects those around them as well. Under Angel's Wings is here to provide a support system to all of those effected. 


We would love to provide the support you need!

For assistance, call 718.374.5854

To book an intake appointment, click here.

5411 2nd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11220

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