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Medical & Psychiatric Assessment

Every Life is a Life Worth Saving

All Under Angel's Wings patients will have their medical assessment during the pre-admission process to ascertain the need for physical examination and/or follow up care. If a physical examination is indicated, Under Angel's Wings will refer the patient to an appropriate medical provider with whom we have a relationship. During receiving our services, we will encourage patients to obtain a physical and/or testing results to document the outcome. A psychiatric evaluation will be conducted by our psychiatrist to rule out any co-occurring mental health conditions and behavioral health risks, including suicide risk. A detailed summary of a patient's medical screening findings, as well as professional recommendations for treatment will be kept in each patient's records.


Growth & Healing

We use individualized, healing programs to make each patient feel nurtured and secure during their journey towards recovery. We grow and heal together.

Image by Samantha Gades

Modern Facility

Our clinic is local and low-key, accessible for people using wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Our treatment rooms are inviting and friendly spaces, where you can relax and feel safe.

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Support for Professionals

We offer customized treatment, on-site and/or via Telehealth, to meet our patients needs and to help get their careers back on track.

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