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Understanding & Guidance

Under Angel's Wings specializes in providing outpatient therapy and support for people struggling with substance use disorders (SUD). When necessary, we offer a medically supervised treatment and MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) program. Our experienced counselors will guide you through the healing process toward recovery. We will help you understand what substances are and how they affect your life - how they change your body, your mind and your soul. Trauma, financial problems, low self-esteem, career and life changes, difficulties in relationships, chemical imbalances in the body, false beliefs, may be the underlying cause for substance use disorders. The goal at Under Angel's Wings is to help you identify underlying causes and address them in individual or group therapy. We will work with you towards a life free of substance. 

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Support for Professionals

We offer customized treatment, on-site and/or via Telehealth, to meet our patients needs and to help get their careers back on track.

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Services for Children & Teens

We evaluate children 12 years and older for appropriateness for substance use disorder services. 


Expert Team

Our experienced counselors will help you overcome the stigma of substance use disorder with knowledge, understanding and empathy. 

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